Covered Services:

  • Unlimited exams: comprehensive, periodic, limited, post-op, etc.
  • Unlimited Topical Fluoride application (varnish, trays, etc.)
  • Unlimited Hygiene: adult prophy, child prophy, SRP 1-3 teeth/quad, SRP 4+ teeth/quad, gingival debridement, etc. (Unnecessary Hygiene treatments not included, i.e. extra/more frequent cleanings)
  • Unlimited Periodontal evaluation
  • Unlimited Imaging: CMS, Individual PA’s, annual BW’s, Pano, CBCT, ect.
  • 10% off all treatment. Can be combined with the 5% upfront payment discount for a total of 15%.

Individual Plan

$357/year (about 95% normal annual preventative costs)

Family (2 adults + 2 kids)

$840/year (about 60% normal annual preventative costs)

Additional kid to Family plan

$120/year (about 60% normal annual preventative costs)

Plan expires after 1 year. Reapply every 12 months.